“I was so happy to see you selling these again! This is my sixth one!”

“I just wanted to tell you I think your art and website are wonderful and unique. I’m sure we’ll be buying more prints in the future. It’s just hard to decide which one!”

All Fluffed Up Dachshund Art Print“All Fluffed Up” came today and I am thrilled… “Daddy’s” going to really like it!!! My favorites are the dachshund sleeping, under the covers, and wanting to be picked up… you perfectly captured the spirit of the dachshund.

“I love dachshunds. I have two of my own and love to spoil them. All your pictures remind me of them. The pictures seem real and you did a wonderful job capturing the dogs emotions.”

“Both prints remind me of my doxie and I know exactly where I’m going to hang them… You’re obviously a dachshund owner; you have such insight into their character.”

Snuggled Up Dachshund Art Print“I visited your website and we bought “Snuggled Up” because it looks so much like our two dachshunds. Even the facial expressions! I really enjoy it, and today I visited your website again and just cracked up laughing because all of your artwork perfectly depicts everything our babies do—sit in the laundry basket, curl up the in the same ways as the poses you’ve painted whether in our bed, their bed, pillows, or warm towels. They have taken over all of our furniture, and of course sleep with us under the covers. They also love to lounge in the sun. I also loved the pictures of your dachshund. One of mine likes to sit in the chair with us when we’re on the computer.”

“I received your fabulous dachshund prints in the mail yesterday and have already framed them and hung them on the wall. They look wonderful!!!! I LOVE your artwork. ”

“Adrianne has a wonderful way of catching the emotions of the dachshund and then interpreting them in her delightful artwork. I really enjoy it!”

“I only buy art that makes me happy, and your art makes me happy.”

Sleeping Beauty Dachshund Art Print“Hi … I just want you to know how adorable I think your entire line of dachshunds is. You absolutely must have one or have had one, because the expressions and body language are quintessential dachshund.”

“We just received “Sleeping Beauty” in the mail today. Another wonderful print—I don’t know how you do it! I can’t wait to frame it and hang it above our bed—our sleeping beauty’s favorite place!”