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Daisy the Dachshund
Our dachshund Daisy is always on the lookout for birds, lizards and squirrels.


Looking for great dachshund art?

German Dachshund Art Postert PosterIn our humble opinion, the absolute best dachshund poster is the German Dachshund Dog Show Exhibition poster, fabulous art with superb graphics depicting an award winning black and tan dachshund. The dachshund art collection at ShopDoxies.com features a lot of cute prints. If your taste runs more to retro wienie, we think this charming print Dachshund Wieners may be the perfect choice for you. Sometimes doxies have been known to cause a traffic jam as shown in A Very Long Dachshund Crossing Road. Pablo Picasso is known for his tremendous body of work, but his timeless creation The Dog – takes first place in our hearts. Speaking of Picasso and dachshunds in the news, check out this New York Times story about Lump.

Dachshunds have long held an esteemed place in history and as it turns out have been pretty snappy dressers, too. This treasure depicts a dachshund dressed as a man. We also really like the whimsical Ugly Dachshund Movie Poster, even though no dachshund is ever ugly.

Dachshund tips and treats.

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of books all about dachshunds, browse around and you're sure to find the perfect one! Shopping for dachshund gifts? Check out the huge selection of T-Shirts, Apparel, Handbags, Collectibles, and Bedding. Dachshunds love to snack, so saving a little money always helps. My dachshund prefers all natural treats.

Thinking about getting a dog?

Learn how to train and care for your dachshund with this nifty virtual simulation by Nintendo DS Nintendogs Dachshund & Friends.

Does your dachshund need shelter?

Even doxies need room to stretch out. These palatial dog houses give our little friends plenty of space to sleep and to store all their toys!

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