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Bobbie Miller's Weiner DogsBobbie Miller's Weiner Dogs Welcome to our Customer Photo Gallery.

If you have a photo you'd like to post,
please send email with a jpeg image and
caption to betty@enjoydoxies•com
Bosco never fails to put a smile on our face :-) Bitty & Jay

"Bosco and his ego!"

Scarlett Ashley
Maureen H.'s Scarlett O'Hara and Ashley Belle Tara

Hi! Heres a picture of my doxie! His name is Timmy & he loves to take pictures! Hope you like it =]

Vinny & Victoria
Vinny [L] and Victoria, friends of Sue C.

Jessie and Oscar
Our dachsunds are Jessie and Oscar. Jessie is a girl black and tan. She rules our house. She'll be 4 this month. Oscar is red, he's 3 1/2, and a momma's boy.

This is Ginger. For 17 1/2 years she was the center piece of our family. We lived and breathed for her. Last November we lost her. Her little body just gave out. We are very sad.

Murphy and Stella
My dogs names are Murphy and Stella. Murphy is short hair and is 3 years old, Stella is the long hair and is 15 months old. They live in Celle, Germany but are originally from England and Scotland respectively. -- Katie Richardson

I'm writing to you because I have a long haired Dachshund named Skibby, and I know the love you speak of. He's 12 1/2 years old and he is a huge part of my life. Al (Houlton, Maine)

Zu Zu
Zu Zu [is named] after ZuZu' s petals in the movie It's a Wonderful Life.

Queen Roxie
Queen Roxie on her throne. -- Sandy

Elizabeth and Jay's precious dachshund Baron.

This is Haley Jamison, she is about 3 mos. old in this picture. She is spoiled rotten, but she is my world no matter how bad things get i look at her cute little face and watch her waggley tail as she gets her toys out all over the floor and remember that things will get better and i have to go on for her. She is a momma's girl but she loves her grandma and grandpa! - Jamey, Mcpherson,KS

Daisy & Rocky
Allison's Rocky
Hilary's Frankie
I just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your dachshund art is! I couldn't resist the chance to send you photos of my puppies. The black and tan is Daisy and the red is Rocky. They were both little rescues and are just the greatest! Actually there are 3 of them in my life -- my parents have Frankie -- she is 11 and the doxie that started it all for my family -- my mom (Hilary, who also ordered from you, I'm sure you remember) wanted me to send you a picture of Frankie too. So here she is. -- Allison Lemansky

As you can see Duracell is a black and tan (hence the name he is AAA battery). Duracell is 3 years old we drove 8 hours to upstate New York to pick him up from the breeder. We love all doxies and think your site is wonderful!

Peabody is 12 years old and loves to snuggle under the blankets! -- Lancaster, PA

Here is a picture of my late dog,Tank. He was 6 years old. -- Richard & Krista

Annie is 2 years old and spoiled rotten. -- Holly, AL

Taffy Freckles Freckles
Taffy is 5 years old, Freckles has wild boar coloring, is 4 years old and both belong to Amanda S. Freckles dressed in his dad's work clothes.

Desi Lucy
"Oh Lucy!" Desi and Lucy were guests at the restaurant where I work¦ They are six month old littermates and positively enchanting! - Elizabeth

Our family pet is our pride and joy Pogo. He is a wiener dog. We have custom race numbers for our very unique billet aluminum dog tags, perfect for the wiener races. Check them out:
Kyle, Phoenix, AZ

Niko & Mookie Niko, Mookie & Family
Niko with the pink nose is a blond and his brother (by 2 min) Mookie will be 2 years old on Sunday - they were born on Christmas eve and they are just perfect little guys. They travel with us everywhere. -- Sharon Denitto

Meggie & Mom
Meg #1 was taken in Fall 1998 when Meggie was 12 years old; Meg #2 (with me!) was taken in May 2000 when Meggie was almost 14. She was almost 15.5 years old when she went to the Bridge. I still miss her more than words can say. -- Leann Hennig

Bodhi & Charlie
Bodhi (b/t) and Charlie (r) are the best of buddies. They always sleep together, one licking the others ear until they fall asleep. I couldn't imagine one without the other.

Loved your web site and thought I would send you pictures of my two ' kids '.. They are 2 + years old and came from different breeders but came into our home on New Years Eve. The black smooth male is named ' Vinnie ' and the female is a long-haired dapple. Both are minis. They were 12 weeks old when they posed for the picture in the flower pot. Like you, my husband and I are devoted doxie lovers. - Marybeth W.


Bella is a very special rescue dog who is in need of a forever home. Bella is sweet and wants very badly to have someone to love. Because of her victimization, she will need a home with a female human.

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